5 Twitter Marketing Tips

A good friend of mine wrote a fantastic paper on Twitter marketing tips and using twitter for marketing (he’s given me permission to share it). As the Twitter platform continues to grow and new businesses discover the potential of Twitter, marketers need to be one step ahead of the competition and using these 5 twitter marketing tips will no doubt help.

Promoted Tweets – This method might be considered “cheating” by some marketers, but it works and it is very effective if used properly. Sites like SponsoredTweets.comallow users and brands to pay for tweets from celebrities and influencers. Twitter has also developed its own “promoted tweet” platform to allow companies to showcase important tweets.


Twitter for Customer Service– The key to a successful customer service experience on twitter is “active listening”. Twitter users will often use the platform to vent their frustrations associated with a specific product or service. Companies can use this as an opportunity to by listening to customer complaints and quickly responding. Sometimes a simple “sorry” will stop a company from losing a customer. Twitter allows companies to connect with their customers in an intimate and personalized manner that is outside the scope of regular email or phone. Plus, it’s much cheaper!


Converting Followers to Promoters – Customers might follow your twitter account and really love your brand – but as marketers it’s our job to get them to talk about the brand. A very good way to do that is by surprising your followers with gifts. For example, Peter Shankman, a well-known consultant and author, tweeted the following while boarding a plane:   This was tweeted as a joke – but sure enough, Morton’s (a steakhouse in the USA) saw this as an opportunity to tap into Shankman’s network. They brought him a steak at the airport, which immediately made him tweet and write a blog post about the experience! Nice move Morton’s.


Human Resource Marketing – Using Twitter to find new job applicants? You bet – especially if the job is social media related. Likeable Media hosted a chat group job interview using the hashtag #Likeablejob. Anyone could participate by answering questions that the company asked using the hashtag… #NoMoreResumes


Build an Audience through #Hashtags and @Mentions – Twitter is all about things that are happening now.Tweeting during live events and conferences using hashtags can dramatically increase your number of followers. Tweeting questions to specific people can also bring in more followers if they reply with an answer.



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