The Dia Project

King Oak KCorn King OakKing Oak is a Toronto based lifestyle brand that celebrates the art and culture found in urban areas, mostly T.O. Originally, we were making T’s for ourselves, just as a creative outlet and to wear something different. We were getting a lot of compliments from friends and people asking us where we found the shirts so naturally it seemed like a good idea to make something more of it all.

We are all about pushing forward and we want to use King Oak as a launching pad for other avenues of expression. In light of that, we decided to reach out to up and coming artists who are looking for exposure in the arts community. Our goal is to collaborate with them and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents, that way the brand always stays fresh and our collaborators gain access to new audiences, win-win. We’ve found it is a really rewarding experience for us and other artists to work on projects together… We hope you enjoy them so we can keep em’ coming!

Check it out at King Oak Online


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