Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site

When I first started in Digital Marketing, I always had trouble getting traffic to my sites. It was so frustrating because I spent hours creating these WordPress sites with articles and blog posts and all I got in return was a slap in the face. But that’s because I had no idea which traffic sources were the right ones to target. Traffic really boils down to three elements – Quality, Quantity, and Cost.

We all want to make sure that our investments (whether time or money) pay off. Obviously, the goal is to have great quality traffic, in large quantities, and a low cost. So I decided to rank the ways I drive traffic to my sites.

Top 7 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Site

  1. Paid Solo Ads – this is THE best way to drive traffic and this is basically how it works: A person who has been in a specific industry for a long time will have a very large email list and you can buy “clicks” from his or her list… For example, if you want to promote a weight loss website you can pay someone $180 for 500+ clicks from highly targeted people (guaranteed)… The going rate is about 40 cents per click. Pennies compared to Google’s 1.5 dollars.
  2. PPC – Google is amazing and frustrating at the same time. AdWords can get you very high quality traffic but a lot of the niches are becoming over saturated – meaning the cost per click is really high.
  3. Ad Swaps – When your email list gets big enough, you can contact other marketers and swap an ad-for-an-ad. He sends your website to his list, and you send his website to your list.
  4. SEO – SEO is the foundation… But it takes forever to see results. SEO is necessary if you want to build a business – but if you just want to make some quick sales, then I would put it aside
  5. Free Solo Ads – the free solo ads can get you a lot of traffic, really quickly. The only problem is the quality isn’t always great… You will get a lot of clicks, but a much lower conversion rate compared to targeted ads from paid solos
  6. Social Media – this is something that I NEED to start spending more time on. You can’t go wrong with SM if you build a large following… and it’s free!
  7. Articles – These are like little pawns… they don’t pack a big punch but they are essential for link building and reaching extremely targeted traffic. The problem is they take up too much time, so I just outsource them for really cheap ($2-5 per article)

Here is a cool video that explain the power of Solo Ads… Check out this video and forward it to 6:10

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